What Happens Next?

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Forging ahead for the naturist cause!

There have been some positive developments in the saga of The Meandering Naturist over the past week, not the least of which have been messages from a couple important institutional administrators who have assured me that my right to privacy is absolute and that what I do on my own time is my own business. Period.

That’s was not the initial response, but in the end, a breath of relief.

What remains in question is the messaging that goes forth to my students, and who actually has the ability to manage that narrative. The obvious answer to that question should be… ME! It’s my narrative! While that sounds simple enough, I don’t think I need to convince anyone – progressive or conservative, religious or agnostic – that social media can be utilized as a weapon of mass destruction for anyone who has a bone to pick about the most inconsequential issues and events. Advocating for the truth when the halls are resonating with rumors is an uphill battle.

What’s most affirming in recent days has been the many, many messages I have received from readers who have not only offered sympathy (and empathy) for the recent turn of events, but have shared innumerable kind words related to the content of the original blog, itself. That has provided the shot in the arm I was needing to go ahead and renew the contract on The Meandering Naturist website, even though I’m not yet ready to take the full blog back online as of yet. I have a few more matters to be sorted on the ground yet before deciding whether that’s in my best interest. Should that involve combing 222 blog posts for potentially offensive images of my unclad buttocks, that’ll will require a significant chunk of energy and time I simply don’t have right now. I’m hoping, in the end, that will not be necessary. Time will tell.


When I arrive at those moments of relative calm when I’m not absolutely fuming about this entire situation, it occurs to me this has become something of a case study for a much larger issue that is plaguing society here and abroad in 2022. For those of us associated with the Academy (aka: university research and teaching,) the juried process is absolutely paramount to the validation and dissemination of information, the corresponding research, or the review and/or reaction to such. But today, just about anyone can capture the megaphone to indoctrinate the masses, filling the streets with misinformation and distortions before the experts and genuine advocates have a rat’s chance at telling the whole (and holistic) story. Ironically, I first began posting on the internet in an effort to contribute a rational and educated voice on all things related to social nudity – but even the best intentions for creating rational discourse can be misinterpreted at best, weaponized at worst.


In the best case, there will be two positive outcomes going forward. First and foremost, I remain hopeful that I will be in the position to flip the switch back on for the original blog, having fully owned up to my role in that project even amidst those who wish to demonize simple naturism as a less than wholesome endeavor. (Teachers want to teach, and this is most certainly a teachable moment.)

Secondly, having started this second blog (on a simpler platform with fewer associated expenses,) I may well retain the voice of the cantankerous naturist, acknowledging that while the unrelenting enthusiasm and optimism of some of my naturist colleagues provides the much-needed shot of adrenaline that is so very much needed to keep the dreamers dreaming and the naturist curious inspired, perhaps I can use these pages to address some of the less glamourous elements of the naturist cause. Issues such as the lack of diversity, or establishments that market themselves under the banner of altruistic social nudity but subversively market to those seeking “something more.” That’s to say nothing of the fact that we live in an era where so many are preaching tolerance from every corner and rooftop, but as it turns out, that almost always turns out to be a very selective flavor of tolerance. e.g. “I want you to be tolerant of me!

In short, perhaps I’ll be able to keep meandering on the original page, while facing up to some of the real obstacles to the naturist cause on this one. If aging has even a single inherent perk, that would be the acknowledgement – if not an expectation – that being cantankerous is a virtue.

In short… Don’t give up on us yet.

And again… with most of my social media channels currently disabled, or flat out deleted, I hope you will take a moment to share this post, if only in an effort to let my former followers know that we have yet to put down our bayonets and surrender. As every chess player knows, it’s the strategy for the long game that matters, even when it seems impossible to predict the moves of the opponent more than two or three moves out. Be it chess, or predicting human nature, I’m simply not that clever!

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  1. Nude Lease On Life Avatar
    Nude Lease On Life

    We are glad to be reading this! I’m not sure that you received my previous DM, as I wasn’t sure which account to send it to that you would actually be checking. πŸ™‚ Nevertheless, it is good to hear from you again so soon. We wish you the absolute best in this next chapter, and would be happy to offer our time and assistance if there is anything that we can do to help. Please keep in touch via whatever means you find most preferable, and I also hope that we have the opportunity to cross paths soon enough. Thanks again for all that you’ve done and continue to do for naturism. Best wishes, friends. ❀

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  2. Great to hear!

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  3. my heart breaks at what you Dan have gone through since you were kicked off of Twitter… and the πŸ’© just keeps coming.
    Dan you may be gone. You will never be forgotten. it was simply awesome what you did. You brought joy and insights into my life. πŸ™ thank you for that πŸ’”

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    1. Hoping I’m not gone forever. But I appreciate your kind words more than you can know.

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  4. Am I missing something? For YEARS the LBGT community fought long and hard for tolerance, acceptance, and recognition. They now Rightfully have attained this, and the respect to go with it all throughout society! Why would it be that nudists should be denied similar rights? Come on now. The differences are insignificant. We too should be given EVERY consideration they have. Where are the LGBT voices of support? One would think they would be right there with us fighting to get us similar recognition and respect given their battles. Step up people. Show us your colors!

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    1. Actually, you ARE missing something!

      In the end, this will not actually turn out to be a story about coming out for a cause, but instead about one’s ability to misrepresent and weaponize information that they believe will create controversy and dissension. (Information then disseminated in the name of protecting others from harm – whether that is the actual intent or not.)

      In this particular case, were I able to reveal a few more particulars about the whole story, that would bridge the gap and it would all make sense to you – I’m certain. But… I can’t.

      I simply think this has been in important story to share as people are frequently criticized for their reluctance to share their proclivity for social nudity, and in fact, I would concur with the masses that in most cases, even if people WE tell have no desire to participate themselves, we have RARELY been ostracized for our own personal interests and convictions. But let’s be real! We live in an era where college coaches and sports medicine specialists are being (rightfully!) accused of horrific and egregious behavior, and to some, the simple endorsement of public nudity lives on that same shelf of “deviant behavior.” That can easily be debunked given thoughtful investigation, but in THIS social climate, rumor and speculation can quickly burn the house to the ground before reasonable inquiry even has a chance. When it comes to judgement and condemnation, these are turbulent times – especially on college campuses where students are charged with righting the wrongs of social justice for all that’s gone before.

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  5. Should it become necessary, I will be happy to help you look thru your blog for your buttocks.


    1. Hahaha!!! Thanks Fred. If I go back online, I hope it doesn’t come to that. Ugh!!!

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      1. Welcome to the world of cancel culture. There have always been those who would publicly destroy people for what goes on privately. It isn’t really to protect anyone, rather it is to show how powerful they are. That they are in charge and they make the rules. And you’ve been made an example of.

        I think the best way to describe it is a heckler’s veto amplified by the internet. Conservative or liberal, it does not matter. I’m sure that you are aware of people in academia tiptoeing around even the slightest controversy.

        Today the tools are right to hand. In the days of Joe McCarthy, it wasn’t so easy. Any idiot can do it now, no need for resources or analytical skills. Social influencers can then call upon a flock of people who have outsourced their critical thinking to them to mindlessly chime in.

        It is a dangerous time for free thought.

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      2. Actually, I live in the epicenter (the Academy) of cancel-culture and have been watching it grow up around me, which to be direct, is why this is so very distressing. What makes this case so tangly is that I “believe” my students perceive me as a strong advocate with a demeanor of compassion and tolerance, though there have certainly been a few in recent years who have put that to the test. The danger, in this case, is that as one who has held various roles in faculty governance/leadership as well, I most certainly have a few colleagues who may be less than eager to promote my image as a “positive influence” – whether that be some form of retribution or they simply think my visiting (and posting about) a visit to a nude beach somehow endangers my students. Of course, given the proliferation of privacy policies, I, myself, will never know the entire story as to what was said to whom through which channel and with what intent. At least in the McCarthy era, it seems the charges were clear and made public. This situation puts one in the position of looking over his shoulder all the time wondering, “Was it you?”

        There’s a story that’s been floating around forever about a Harvard professor chatting with a friend at a cocktail party about the virtues of teaching History in an effort to study the past so that we might avoid similar transgressions in the future. The history professor replies, “That all sounds quite lovely, but anyone who makes such a claim has clearly never attended a university faculty meeting!” My conservative relatives like to poke at higher education in general as a clearinghouse of unfiltered, progressive free speech where university professors are wrecking young minds with rudderless rhetoric based on an unbridled progressive agenda where anything goes. Those relatives haven’t been to a faculty meeting, either.

        A perilous time for free thought, indeed! Even in the very place we thought that was a cornerstone of the institution itself.

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  7. I’m just looking forward to the next adventure now that this is mostly behind us.


  8. […] NOTE: Since I published this post, I spawned a new blog to tell the whole story, and have since brought the original blog back online. Good luck in piecing […]


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